February 7, 2016

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 02.07.2016


We follow you, Jesus, today as
we worship; in words of love
and devotion sung and spoken,
in service and kindness, in
shared life and sacred meal.

And all we need do to follow you as
we leave this place is to continue
saying and doing – to others –
what we bring to you in this hour.

And so we pray for praise and affirmation
to empower our families and communities;
For confession and forgiveness to reconcile
personal and national enemies, and lead us
into integrity and goodness;

For thanksgiving and generosity to curb our
greed, and overcome poverty; for intercession
and compassion to heal the broken, defend
the weak, and guide the powerful.

As we follow you, in our worship,
may we become your body which
nourishes the world, and embraces
all people with kindness.

We ask this in the name
of the Father,
of you, the Son
and of the Holy Spirit,

Community Confession

Almighty Jesus, the Savior of the heavens and earth,
we confess that we do not always live into the message
of hope and salvation, the promise of eternal life.
Lord, our risen and victorious one, hear our prayers.

We live in ways that make the here and
now more important than the future.
We live in ways that put ourselves and our
own interests first over the needs of others
and the long-term needs of the world.

We live in ways where we ignore your presence with us,
too preoccupied with only what we think is important.
Lord, our risen and victorious one, have mercy on us.

Forgive our selfish ways and call us to your
path, Christ, you who humbled himself and
gave himself up for us on the cross,

so that death might be no more and that all can
share in the joy of salvation and eternal life.

We pray in the name
of the Father,
of the risen Son
and of the Holy Spirit.

What are the things that keep you
up at night?
Does your spiritual energy go towards busyness, distraction or restlessness?
How might a spiritual pause help you properly redirect your energy and resources?


This day, this step, this path:
you have set us here
so then here may we walk
at our best, to your glory.

Let storms wash our souls clean, let
fires be harnessed for warmth, let
raging rivers inspire passion not fear

For the Lord is with us as we pass through the waters.
By God’s mercy, the river shall not overwhelm us.
Even in the reckless fires, we will not be consumed.

With your purpose given to us,
we go forth this and every week,
serving in the name
of the Father,
of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit,

Go in peace and live the church.
See you throughout the week.

[Photo by Mångata @ Flickr]

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