January 7, 2016

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 01.03.2016


God of renewal and recreation,
As we observe the turning of the year,
We know that all time is still in You.
While we feel shaped by the sands sifting in the hourglass,
We know that is the molding of your Spirit that truly brings us into who you have made us to be.
Be with us this day and in all the days ahead.
Give us the resolve to be still.
Grant us the courage to move at your Word.
Gift us the faith to continue on until all we trust is true becomes visible before us.

Community Confession

A new year coming and God is with us.
In loving and in carrying, in hoping and expecting,
God is with us and never lets us go.
God live in us, God live with us, God live through us.

God keep us faithful through the days that lie ahead,
God keep us caring in the pain that fills your world,
God keep us serving as we seek to do your will,
God live in us, God live with us, God live through us.

God keep us loving toward neighbors near and far,
God keep us trusting through the uncertainties of life,
God keep us sharing from your generous abundance.
God live in us, God live with us, God live through us.

How do we perceive weakness and disability in ourselves and others?
If everyone has weakness and vulnerability, how do we bring those things together in community?
Who are the differently-abled individuals in our lives that we can learn from?


May we always walk gently upon the Earth,
in right relationship,
nurtured by your love,
open to the wind of the Spirit,
taking only what we need,
always open to the needs of others,
making choices that bring wellbeing,

May we enter our week,
mindful of our interconnectedness with our global friends,
living with generosity,
striving for justice,
honoring all with reverence,
reconciling and peacemaking,
recognizing our proper place as part of your creation.

Grant us the strength and courage, Lord,
for such a radical transformation into your Kingdom.

Go in peace and live the church.
See you throughout the week.

[Photo by harmon @ Flickr]

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