December 17, 2015

Advent Art Installation

Special thanks to our the members of our creative community who dreamed up our current advent installation in Space12. Tim Bauer, Shay Grabowski, and Paul Taylor created the concept and were assisted by a few recruits who helped paint the wall and install the icons. Tim explains the imagery of the icons below.

The three icons loosely represent the three advents spoken of by Bernard of Clairveaux. In the first (Mary/Jesus) God came to Earth to seek and save the lost. In the second (Gabriel), God comes into our hearts to be present with us in our day to day struggles and joys. In the third (John) God will return to Earth to redeem creation and unite us with him.

Mary and Jesus represent the physical incarnation of God on earth. The collision of the perfect and imperfect. Gabriel speaks to the annunciation and the heavenly realm breaking through to Earth. John the Baptist/Forerunner speaks about preparing our hearts during a time of anticipation, anticipating future healing and living in a broken reality.

[Photo Courtesy Tim Bauer]

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