July 23, 2015

Seasoned Friends [Aug 15]

It may not be a secret that our community tends to be on the young side. Vox can only offer as much wisdom and experience as our members have, so we are seeking to enlarge our wisdom pool with some of our seasoned friends.

We’re having a dinner for our new friends on August 15th. In trying to build the seasoned community, we are asking churches or friends of friends if they have people they’d recommend. At this dinner, we’ll share Vox’s story and share our vision for a multi-generational community

Marks of a good seasoned friend:
1. Empty nest or retired
2. Healthy and growing faith
3. Willing to be vulnerable

This event is replacing our next 40’s supper club. If you have a friend or couple in mind, please invite them to join the dinner with you (even if you are under 40, you youngster). Kids are invited since there’s enough space in the house for them to hang out in. If you have any questions or know of couples, please send them our way.

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