March 28, 2014

ECC Midsouth Family Reunion

On Friday, April 11, Vox will have a rare opportunity to welcome and host the ECC Midsouth Family Reunion. Ever since we’ve become a part of the Covenant denomination, the pastors have had an great opportunity to connect with diverse churches and pastors in the Midsouth as well as nationally. This year, the Midsouth Family Reunion will take place in Austin and we will host this gathering of pastors and delegates from other ECC churches in the Midsouth Conference (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas).

Join us for dinner at 5:30pm ($10) and for an evening liturgy at 7:00pm as we extend hospitality and connect with our friends in the Midsouth.

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[Photo by Julie Stokkendal @ Flickr]

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