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Open Letter Regarding ECC

December 1st, 2019An Open Letter Regarding Vox Veniae, Austin, Texas Dear Friends,The members of Vox Veniae have voted to disaffiliate ourselves from the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) in light of our discerned commitment to supporting LGBTQ individuals, couples and families who wish to be married and receive the support and blessing of Vox pastors and community members. Story of VoxIn […]

ECC Midsouth Family Reunion

On Friday, April 11, Vox will have a rare opportunity to welcome and host the ECC Midsouth Family Reunion. Ever since we’ve become a part of the Covenant denomination, the pastors have had an great opportunity to connect with diverse churches and pastors in the Midsouth as well as nationally. This year, the Midsouth Family Reunion will take place in […]

ECC Adoption Process

For the last couple of years, we’ve been having a conversation about being part of something larger than just ourselves. As a young church plant, we realize the importance of support and accountability for the staff. And we realize that we’re just a tiny, tiny piece in the larger church of Christ. So after a lot of research and your […]

[Vox News] Rabbit Week Edition

Regardless of where you’ve seen ’em, Rabbits of all shapes and sizes are probably one of the greatest furry animal in the world. Whether you’ve seen ’em nibbling grass on the side of the road or hopping around and escaping a predator in pursuit, rabbits seem to have a way of looking great while doing menial activities. Maybe they took […]

[Vox News] A/C Appreciation Days Edition

Unless you live in places like Australia or South Africa where your winter occurs during our summer, ’tis the season that Nelly was rapping about in his chart topping, I-Hate-The-Summer-Heat jingle ‘Hot In Herre’ where he offers up meteorological advice to all his fans and listeners to begin removing garments of clothing so as to reduce one’s body temperature. And […]

[Vox News] Canada Day, Eh? Edition

With great pride and overactive saliva glands, we acknowledge you, our dear brethren and sistren of the massive land mass known as Canada. Your love for hockey, curling and beaver tails has been a world wide inspiration. Your popular agricultural exports of Sugar, Lumber and Steve Nash help us believe that we too can contribute great things to the world. […]

[Vox News] Dairy Alternative Month Edition

Dear Readers, I would like to invite you into a nightmarishly painful scenario that millions of people around the world suffer from on a daily basis. Hopefully through this cry for help, you will be able to stand in solidarity with us as we deal with a bodily malfunction that requires much support and encouragement. You’ve guessed it, this said […]