August 31, 2013

Namaste, y’all

In October, a couple of us from Vox’s missions team and a Vox pastor will be going to India. We will visit Calvary Community Church in Chennai — our longtime partner in the work of the Gospel. There, Pastor Vincent Samuel runs many programs that Vox has been helping to support financially that benefit his under-resourced community. We will also connect with other potential partner organizations and see the wonderful Seefeldt family, who just left our community to live and work in Northern India.

Many people ask why India? Why not this place or this issue? We have chosen as a missions team to focus Vox’s global efforts on India because of our relationships there as well as a desire to have a more profound impact as a small church community. Vox donates both time and resources to local Austin ministries and individuals, but we also believe we are called as Christians to encourage brothers and sisters in the global church and that there are many ways to bless and be blessed by churches and nonprofits that are different from us.

Calling ourselves Citizens United (ask Gideon why), Weylin, Hannah and I would appreciate prayers for safety and direction as we prepare to travel and build relationships between the Vox community and our friends in India. We hope that this initial scouting trip will pave the way for more dialogue (and travel!) between Voxites and our partners in India. There will be a fundraiser coming up soon to help support us, so stay tuned!

[written by Constance Dykhuizen]

[Photo by deepstoat @ Flickr]

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