April 14, 2013

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 04.14.13


Christ Jesus,
We dare to believe in the things we can not see:

In your love for us,
In your love for those around us,
In the hope of eternity.

We dare to believe that another world is possible,
That suffering can end,
That we can play a part
In the kingdom to come.

We dare to believe in heaven on earth
In the light breaking through,
In justice made new,
In your love for us.

And so we gather as one body,
one church with one unified voice

to worship in the name of the Father,
of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit.

Community Confession

In prayer, let us confess to God as a community.

Lord Jesus, we are in need of forgiveness.
We see ourselves like Peter, reverting back to old ways of living,
instead of realizing your hope instilled in each of our hearts.

Lord, save us from ourselves.
We continue to do the same things over and over,
expecting different results.

Lord, save us from doing too much.
We go fishing every day,
not noticing you waiting with a meal on the beach.

Lord, save us from doing too little.
We say we love you,
and yet so often we neglect your sheep.
Lord, save us from ourselves.
Help us to hear and respond when you say, “Follow me.”

Lord, hear our prayers,
and we pray to our God in community, holy in One.


How do we love God and are there things or people that we love more?
What would it look like to use all your strength in loving God?


Christ asks if we love him.
If we say yes, he says; “Then care for one another.”
This is our opportunity to make a difference,
to live lovingly on the frontiers of his bright new world.

We can not promise to do it perfectly, but we can strive,
relying on his abundant wisdom to take our small love,
and fit it into the larger pattern of good for all creation.

May God bless the world in which you move,
and bless your home and your friends.

May God bless the eyes with which you see,
and bless the ears with which you listen.

May God bless the way you use your hands,
and bless the way you employ your tongues,
for our God has invited us into his story.

So go this week, proclaiming
the love of the Father,
of the Risen Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.

Go in peace and live the church.
See you throughout the week.

[Photo by el bello sino de horo @ Flickr]

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