April 4, 2013

First Fruits Cowboy Brunch

A few weeks ago I shared during the Vox liturgy an incredible sight I recently was blessed to see. I recounted how the men who are currently or used to be chronically homeless enjoyed a beautiful (literally) farm-fresh meal on a sublimely beautiful Saturday morning with a host of our Genesis Gardens volunteers who chatted it up and found commonalities where none would be found in any other setting.

Constance reminded me recently that I should give a shout out to the Vox community to see if some folks might want to be a part of making that beautiful picture happen on a future occasion. We call the event a First Fruits (Cowboy) Brunch. The idea is simple, harvest and collect as many veggies and eggs as we can on Saturday morning (add fruit, bacon, and conversation … stir) and then prepare a little cowboy cookout on an open grill for a breakfast taco treat to cap off our weekly Genesis Gardens Saturday work event. All food we harvest at Genesis Gardens (that is not consumed inside a tortilla with scrambled eggs and salsa) is given away to our brothers and sisters on the street and those who have received housing through the Mobile Loaves & Fishes Community First! housing program. We’re adding to our farm program in a pretty major way in the coming months so we can use as many helping hands as you and your friends can provide. Come and enjoy the work and stay for the grueling feast.

To find out more and sign up for an upcoming brunch, check out our GivePulse page here.

[written by Steven Hebbard]

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[Photo by Noël Wells @ Flickr]

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