June 28, 2012

Parish Pub Quiz Lunch

“See you throughout the week.”

It’s the charge we end our liturgy with every week at Vox. But this is harder than it sounds. It’s hard to hang out with people who we’ve never met. It’s hard to drive across town to see people we barely know. What if we could find a way to live the church with those who are around us all week?

That’s why the Vox Parish team is providing opportunities to get to know other people from Vox who live in your part of town. On Sunday, July 8, we’ll host our first ever Parish Pub Quiz. We’ll have lunch at Space12, then we’ll break into regionally based teams for some old fashion Pub Trivia.

When: July 8, Sunday after Liturgy
Where: Space12
Food: $5 for 2 slices of Rounders Pizza

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It will be a lot of fun and your chance to meet others friends from Vox who live near you.

[Photo by My ♥ is an apple @ Flickr]

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