April 27, 2012

Regional Lunches

Every Sunday, we meet together here at Space12 for Liturgy. Every week we end our Liturgy with the benediction “Go and live the church, and we’ll see you throughout the week.” But this is harder than it sounds. We get in our separate cars and on our bicycles and scatter throughout the city. We spend our week separated by distance and by busyness. It’s hard to be the church alone, and hard to see each other throughout the week when we live so far away.

On Sundays after Liturgy, we always have an opportunity to eat lunch together. This Sunday, April 29, we are going to approach this in an all-new way. Instead of one big lunch, we are going to have four different lunch locations in different parts of town. There will be groups gathering for lunch in Far North Austin (Pflugerville, Round Rock, etc.), Central, South and East. Choose a location based on where you live or work or just spend most of your week.

Select Your Region

During our time together we hope to accomplish three things:
1) Get to know the people near you.
2) Share contact information so you can meet up again in the future.
3) Pray about how God might use you to serve your neighborhoods.

We hope this will be a meaningful time together. We’ll see you Sunday at lunch and throughout the weeks to come.

[Photo taken by Ro Luc at Flickr]

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  1. Dallas

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    Had a great time meeting some new folks in my hood. Great to know who all lives nearby!


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