August 28, 2011

Community Prayers 08.28.11

As a community, we can support and celebrate with each other through prayer. Join us in praying for those both spoken and unspoken during Sunday liturgy.

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For …

  • Our homes and families, whatever condition they may be in (Weylin)
  • Our plans for the neighborhood groups in the fall and for this community that we’re blessed with (Karen)
  • Those who were saved from hurricane (Becky)
  • The gift of sabbatical and being able to rest and spend time with family (Gideon)
  • The grad program I’m a part of with missionaries from all over the world (Chris)

… let us bless the Lord.  Thanks be to God.

Prayers of Petition. For …

  • Mercy for those experiencing brokenness, pain and uprootedness with their families (Weylin)
  • My mom’s health and a proper diagnosis (Gina)
  • My friend Jett who lost a loved one to liver cancer (John)
  • Those who lost their homes and families in the fire (Mick)
  • Those hit by hurricane on the east coast (Teddy)
  • The coming season and growth opportunities for our community (Gideon)
  • Those in my grad program: a lady from the Phillipines, a guy from California whose wife lost their baby in pregnancy, and other missionaries as well (Chris)
  • A 3-yr old battling leukemia (Dawn)
  • A student being uprooted again to a new high school and for his family (Dawn)
  • Divorced women who can’t afford a home, and for us to understand homelessness better and open our hearts to those seeking shelter (Jeanie)

… let us pray to the Lord.  Lord have mercy.

[Photo by Andre Takeda @ Flickr]

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