April 24, 2011

Community Prayers 04.24.11

As a community, we can support and celebrate with each other through prayer. Join us in praying for those both spoken and unspoken during Sunday liturgy.

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For …

  • Being the great pursuer in my life and for also pursuing Mick. (Mr Boone)
  • A newer and nicer home that I will be moving to. Pray for blessings on the new place. (Becky)
  • Roommates who have been like family in the midst of dealing with loneliness. (Chris)
  • My friend Nathan who passed away 6 years ago and has been a constant reminder of God. And for all my friends who have been there for me during hard times. (Anslee)

… let us bless the Lord.  Thanks be to God.

Prayers of Petition. For …

  • Those who know me inside out but don’t know Christ yet. (Jonny)
  • All the things that we do to direct our lives to try and make sure that everything goes right. I pray that we remember to do the important things first – to focus on our neighbor and find what that means. (Julie)
  • My neighbor Zoe who has lost mobility in her arms. Pray for all those that are in need of physical, spiritual & emotional healing. Lift them up and bring them hope. (Karen)
  • My friend Jenny who will be moving from Austin. (Anslee)

… let us pray to the Lord.  Lord have mercy.

[Photo by Cody Cobb @ Flickr]

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