September 2, 2010

[Vox News] Beverly Hills Day Edition

Scratching your head wondering why a city in Californian deserves special recognition? If you’ve been stumped, here’s a clue: Check today’s day. Still in the lurch? Lemme spell it out for you: September 2, 2010 = 09.02.10. If you’re tracking, then give me a cyber high-five for helping mentally resuscitate images of the Peach Pit and the kind of teenage angst that makes hipsters look like Monks living in the Alps. I mean, where would we be without this delightful, 10 season cornucopia of emotional overacting chock full of 30 year old actors nairing their chests to make them as smooth as eggs? For starters, shows like Party of Five and Friends would probably never have been made, thus forever altering the course of today’s cultural value system. So to you, the cooler and more stately version of Saved By The Bell, we christen this day as Beverly Hills Day and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for promoting the life changing values of unprotected sex, teenage rebellion and love quadrangles. Today’s culture owes you our lives and STD’s.

[Neighborhoods Potluck Parties]

As our last hurrah for the summer, we will be having neighborhood potluck parties to celebrate the end of a season with our friends and neighbors. Plans have already commenced, but if you would like to attend or get involved with the party, ssend us an email and we’ll get you connected right away!! For a map of where each neighborhood group is meeting, you can find it here.

[Ready…Set…CAFFEINE HIGH!!!]

The time has come, friends. Whether you’re on bike or car, moped or SUV, feel free to drive past your usual Sunday morning coffee watering hole and let our new coffee venture satisfy your cravings for all things caffeine!! During the month of September, we will begin making coffee available for you, our Vox family, during Sunday liturgies. Starting at 10am, for an affordable price, you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee made from fresh andlocally roasted beans, all the while, supporting an initiative that desires to be a redemptive voice in a marginalizing culture. So come early with your cash and your coffee withdrawal headaches to Vox these next 4 Sundays and let our home brew be the fix you need. If you’d like to get involved, we’re currently in need of some help to operate the coffee bar. So if you’re interested in helping out or would like more info, send an email to Kevin and he’ll ring your bell with all the answers you can handle.

[Open Systems Meetings]

Go ahead, ask yourself what this is. Chances are your search will return with zero hits. If that happens, allow me to fill you in!! In 2 weeks, Vox will be holding our first ever ‘Open Systems Meeting’ where you, our beloved Vox community, are invited to join in on a series of discussions that will directly influence the future and direction of Vox by putting your fingerprints and passions on the tangibles that happen at Vox. On September 12th, 19th and 26th, join us after Vox where we will participate in meaningful conversation while swapping verbs, nouns and adjectives over a delightful luncheon. If you have questions, feel free to email them.

[Budget Affirmation Vote]

A couple Sundays, we had our budget affirmation vote where you, our beloved Vox community, was asked to decide whether the proposed budget is approved or not. We are currently reviewing all the responses, but wanted to thank everyone who participated. If you have any questions or concerns about the budget, please email them.

[Generosity Report – July]

Through your unswerving kindness and generous giving, this community has been tremendously blessed by your faithfulness and sacrificial living. For the details of July’s giving, you can download the report here. If you have any questions please email our treasurer.

[Photo by kcjazznswing2 @ Flickr]

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