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Vision and Budget 2012-13

Four seasons have passed through Austin since we last laid out a vision for Vox Veniae. We’ve seen some fire and felt some rain but now, in the long afterburn of a late Texan summer, as we look to our next stage of growth, perhaps we should first — like the original gardener in his original garden — sit back […]

Generosity Vision Meeting

This Sunday (July 15) after liturgy, we’ll have a chance to dream about how our financial resources as a church can be used in our neighborhood and our local and global partnerships. We should have some additional funds by the end of this fiscal year (end of August) due to our community’s generosity and we need your input to decide […]

2012 Proposed Interim Budget

The Stewardship Committee has been hard at work crunching numbers to present the 2012 Proposed Interim Budget which is meant to reflect the Purpose Statement that was shaped by our community. So now you get a chance to ask questions and provide any feedback you might have regarding the budget. We’ll have two community meeting times available, so please do […]

UPDATE: Vox Proposed Interim Budget

Last Sunday, August 7th, we held a budget meeting to talk through Vox’s proposed budget for 2011-2012.  Based on feedback from the budget meeting, we are proposing an interim budget for September through December 2011.  The Vox fiscal year has always followed the academic calendar because we started out as a college ministry.  However, based on ECC’s recommendation, we are […]

Vox Budget Proposal

Are you a fan of numbers? Do you enjoy participating in numbers related hobbies like trying to find out why the number 13 get such a bad rap, but the number 7 is the rabbit’s foot of the numerical world? If so, then we’ve got a sweet opportunity for you!! On August 7th after Liturgy, we will be presenting the […]

[Vox News] Beverly Hills Day Edition

Scratching your head wondering why a city in Californian deserves special recognition? If you’ve been stumped, here’s a clue: Check today’s day. Still in the lurch? Lemme spell it out for you: September 2, 2010 = 09.02.10. If you’re tracking, then give me a cyber high-five for helping mentally resuscitate images of the Peach Pit and the kind of teenage […]

[Vox News] Psoriasis Awareness Month Edition

Sure, Head & Shoulders has the market cornered when it comes to awkward commercials featuring white specks on black shirts worn by dirty people, but unbeknownst to many, psoriasis is not directly correlated to poor hygiene. As we spread awareness on psoriasis, enjoy this new segment we call ‘Foo, did you know!!!’ Did you know… Everyone sheds their skin approximately […]

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