September 29, 2010

E’s Update: Kebabs, Adulterers & Divine Grace

It’s been a minute since my last one so I’d like to update you on some stuff.

My English classes at the hospital have been going really well. The doctors really appreciate the classes and I get a kick out of trying to fix their grammar, pronunciation, etc. Making some friends there. Please think about relationship progress in this arena.

I’ve had the honor of several one-on-one kebab dinners with my new chaokidar, K, and one with his nephew, Z. We are getting to know each other a little more. We’ve had a few long and interesting Dari conversations over dinner, including one with Z in which I was able to open the Book and read/translate the story of the Woman Caught In Adultery, which if you know Mslm culture you’ll know is a very, very surprising story of divine grace v. religious judgment (I also told
him this is basically the story of my life). This is a case where the grace of Isa al-Masi can directly impact lives, as women here are to this day still stoned to death for much less than adultery. Please think about Z as he maybe ponders this revolutionary story, which goes so much against the grain of Islmc male-dominated and self-righteous code of religious violence.

My mate and I are still looking for a house. Please think about that.

Life has been peaceful here lately, through election weekend and 9/11, and we hope the election results which should come out in a few weeks won’t spark any violence. Very grateful for the peace.

Also grateful that I have two formal Dari helpers (and many more informal ones). Today some guys I talked with on the street were shocked that I’ve only been learning for two months. They kept asking me how long it’s been just to make sure I was saying the right thing. My capability grows every day, but I am not yet where I would like to be. Something to be grateful for, but also to ask for more of.

My mate and I are headed out to a very rural and mountainous district this weekend to do a three-day overnighter in order to drop off a few NGO project letters. It doesn’t really take three days, but three days are better for getting to know people than one. Hoping for interesting conversations and to make some new friends.

Read some Lewis last week, “Mere Xianity” to be exact. You should too!

Word. Let me know how you all are. Hope everything is well.


PS: The picture above is a picture of a German IMF vehicle going for a joyride on one of the few paved streets in town.

[Photo by evanistan @ Flickr]

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