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Lent: Darkness

Liz Schepel talks about what we can remember in darkness as we continue to reflect on the season of Lent [Ephesians 5:8-14]. Reflection: How much of our lives are in the shadows, but there is goodness and truth waiting to be illuminated? What in particular is scary to dig up? How can we reach for light?

Lent: Suffering

John Chandler reflects on what will come of our season of lent where we open ourselves up to brokenness, grief and suffering [Romans 5:1-11]. Reflection What suffering already might be present for you to take hold of? How have you not allowed hope to birth out of your suffering?

Lent: Learning to See

Gideon Tsang talks about how we can learn to see the kingdom of God here and now and how we can see as God sees [John 3:1-17]. Reflection: What does it look like to create space in this lent season? How can you live out of your worthiness this week?

Kindness to the Other

Jason Minnix explores how to respond to violence with loving kindness, both towards ourselves and difficult people in our lives and world [Matthew 5:38-48]. Reflection: What in my life needs kindness today? How can I extend compassion to the people who are difficult for me to love? Resources: Book: Rosenberg, Marshall. “Nonviolent Communication.”

Ash Wednesday [Mar 1]

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. We will be holding a liturgy service at Space12 Wednesday night, March 1 to begin this season of reflection on the sacrifice that Christ experienced and embraced for us. When: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 @ 7pm Where: Space12 Details on the Facebook Event [Photo by Ding Ren @ Flickr]

Palm Sunday

As we continue to reflect in this season of Lent, John Chandler talks about our eulogy virtues and contrasting our pursuit of victory with death and resurrection [John 12:9-19]. Reflection: Where in our lives do we need to quit being the winner? What are the things that we have been holding onto in our lives? Where do we need to […]

Composting Life

As we continue to reflect in this season of Lent, Gideon Tsang talks about how we can foster our deaths well in order to fully live [Philippians 3:4-14]. Reflection What are the deaths that we need to name in our lives? What would it mean for us to create space to grieve well individually and as a community? What word […]