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Letting Go of Harmful Power

What is your relationship to power and authority? On this third Sunday of Lent, Weylin Lee invites us to disrupt oppressive systems, embody our anger through protest, and reimagine decentralized power in light of the story of Jesus’ confrontation in the temple. [John 2:13-22] Reflection How are we revealing and disrupting oppressive systems? How are we connecting with and expressing […]

Liturgy, Reflection & Benediction 2024.03.03

Liturgy Divine CreatorBreath of lifeBecause of You, and through You, and in You all things exist All that we are All that we have Comes from You This morning, may you assist us in turning our eyes inward Reveal to us mysteries we’ve hidden from ourselvesMake ready our hearts to be fertile ground for Your teaching Empower us to break […]

Reorienting Our Rule of Lent

How might we name the need for and create a different set of practices, as well as theological and communal pathways according to our uniquenesses? On this second Sunday of Lent, Christopher Mack interrogates a one-size fits all spirituality and invites us to “begin again, again” this season. [Romans 4:13-15, 18-22] Reflection What might respecting how the Divine Creator has […]

A Movement of Faith

What have you embraced with your time and attention that is weighing you down? On this first Sunday of Lent, Vanessa Maleare compares the poetic psalms to the stories we tell and how each of us uniquely hears them in light of the story of our Christian faith. [Psalm 25:1-10] Reflection Is there something to which you give your time […]

Ash Wednesday Liturgy & Lent Resources 2024.02.14

Digital Meditation Resource Ash Wednesday Zine Liturgy Let us begin our liturgy in prayer as a community. Our response will be highlighted in yellow. When our vision is clouded by worries When our view is blacked out by fears When we see, feel, touch, and tasteThe suffering and confusion all around us We turn to you, our Wild Mother, In […]

Co-Laborers [Ash Wednesday]

On this Ash Wednesday, Christopher Mack, Caroline Cody, Vanessa Maleare, and Weylin Lee invite you into a practice that is an amalgamation of a sacred reading and an examen. After a short reflection, they read a few verses of our passage at a time as we intentionally listen to the conversation between the text and our lives as we begin […]

Ash Wednesday [Feb 14]

Ash Wednesday will be on February 14 this year, and we will have several different opportunities to explore its meaning throughout that day. We will be offering both an in-person and streamed 12pm liturgy with childcare available, as well as both a virtual and in-person self-guided meditation. You are welcome to use any and all resources that feel meaningful. We […]