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Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 12.19.10

Liturgy God spoke in the beginning; out of darkness came night and day, out of emptiness came creation, out of loneliness came humankind. And God said, “This is very good.” God spoke when the world was troubled; giving voice to prophets from the earliest days, moving through Mary as she gave birth to her child, crying as a vulnerable baby […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 12.05.10

Liturgy Emmanuel, God with us, Savior to captives and prisoners everywhere, at the celebration of your birth be with each lonely soul exiled behind bars. Emmanuel, God with us, Savior to leaders and rulers everywhere, at the celebration of your birth protect those with power from temptations of tyranny and exploitation. Emmanuel, God with us, Savior to families and friends […]

Four Ways to Practice Advent

Advent is a set of traditions that help Christians focus on waiting for the return of Christ. Here are some that you might choose to practice. 1. Spruce the place up. You begin greening up the place, placing wreathes and other greeneries around your place to symbolize new life, which is beautifully ironic in the dead of winter. 2. Light […]

What is Advent?

Our lives are shaped by the seasons. When the sun rises and the temperature of the air determines when we wake up, what we wear and what we eat. Spring brings new life, Summers are fun times of sunshine and swimming, Fall brings school and sports, Winters for gathering together for warmth and reflection. As individuals, we go through seasons […]

Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 11.28.10

Liturgy In this Advent season, we give you thanks, our Father in heaven, and we praise you through our Lord Jesus Christ. You promised him as our Savior to a humanity gone astray. His truth is a light for those who seek, his power gives strength to the weak, his holiness brings forgiveness to sinners. For he is the Savior […]