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Whose Apocalypse Is It Anyway?

How might I endure in the presence of fear without being overcome by it? Christopher Mack looks at an apocalyptic biblical text, and how it invites us to reflect on our own fears, challenges, tragedies, and violence in light of the Jesus Way. [Luke 21:5-8, 10-13, 17-19] Reflection How might the name of Jesus guide and ground you in chaotic […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2022.11.06

Liturgy Blessed community, receive the goodness of today.Receive it exactly for what it is just as ourCreator receives us for all we are. This day, like you, is a shining testamentof His doing and unmistakable proof of His being.Receive this truth in faith and comeinto the innate goodness of life. We pray in the nameof the Almighty,of the Son, the […]

No Liturgy at Vesper [Nov 20]

Since we will be out at HEB Foundations Camp in Leakey, TX for our annual fall retreat next weekend, we will not be holding our Sunday liturgy at Vesper on November 20. [ Photo by Patrick Hendry ]

Recounting Goodness

As we recount God’s goodness, what are the ways we’re invited to embody that goodness for others? Weylin Lee explores how we might embody the goodness of Christ in seasons of disruption and challenge. [Psalm 145: 1-5, 17-21] Reflection In what ways are we invited to participate in restorative justice? How might we practice proximity with the most vulnerable? What […]

Time Change: Fall Back [Nov 6]

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour this Saturday night (Nov 5) and enjoy that extra hour of sleep. We’ll see you well rested this coming Sunday (Nov 6). [Photo by Jocelyn Catterson]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2022.10.30

Liturgy We long to see you, Jesus, but thingsget in our way. You are often hiddenbehind crowds who chant your name. We look for you in the moment of triumph,the hubbub, the places of power. But theseare not the places to find you, dear Jesus. For you are often with the straggleron the fringe of the group. You are atdinner […]

 Poured Out

How do we navigate the messiness of our humanity together? Kimberly Culbertson reflects on messages of codependency versus interdependency in our faith community and beyond. [2 Timothy 4] Reflection When have you been tempted to carry other people’s loads? When have you been tempted to let others carry your load? Can you make space this week to practice interdependence? To […]