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Easter – Love Me

Gideon continues from the Lectionary as we continue to observe the season of Easter. [John 21:1-19] Reflection: How do we love God and are there things or people that we love more? What would it look like to use all your strength in loving God?

Lent – Grief

Jason Minnix continues in the season of Lent and reflects on the grief that Christ experienced. [Mark 14:32-42] Reflection: Who and what are some losses that we have not allowed ourselves to grieve properly for? How can we allow God and community to walk through our grief with us?

Lent – Wandering

Gideon continues from the Lectionary as we continue to observe the season of Lent. [Luke 15:11-32] Reflection: How do the older and younger brother show themselves in our own lives? In our wandering lives how do we receive and give the grace of Christ?

Lent – Fasting

Gideon continues from the Lectionary as we start the season of Lent. [Luke 4:1-13] Reflection: How can we place ourselves in a state of dependency this season of Lent? How can we use our resources to serve others instead of serving ourselves?

Epiphany – Homecoming

John Chandler continues from the Lectionary as we are in the season of Epiphany. [Luke 4:14-29] Reflection: How can we embrace others to remove the division and labeling of “us” versus “them”? How can we live in a way that instigates jubilee for those in need?

Advent Made Flesh

Matt Singleton begins the season of Advent as we prepare for the person of Christ. [John 1:1-14] Reflection: What does the Advent season mean to you? In what ways can we embody the Advent narrative? How can others experience peace and hope through the way we live?

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Gideon continues in the Ordinary Weeks of the Lectionary. [Hebrews 10] Reflection: How does Christ’s blood affect your daily living? What does drawing near to God look like for you? When we meet together, in what ways can you contribute?