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Rediscovering Evangelism – Invitation to Submit

Gideon continues a conversation on Evangelism. 1 Peter 3:13-15. Reflection: What are ways we can excel in becoming servants to those in the city of Austin? What would our dialogues and conversations with others about Christ look like if they were shaped by gentleness and humility?

Ordinary Weeks – Teach Us to Pray

Sam Myrick continues in the Ordinary Weeks of the Lectionary.  [Luke 11:1-10] Reflection: How persistent is our practice of prayer? How can we listen and be silent in our times of prayer?

Ordinary Weeks – Pursuing the Presence of God

Weylin continues in the Ordinary Weeks of the Lectionary. [2 Samuel 6:1-16] Reflection: Is the presence of God an inconvenience for you or do you see it as something worth pursuing and sacrificing for? In what areas of our lives does the presence of God confront our obedience?

Ordinary Weeks – How You Go

Chris Morton continues in the Ordinary Weeks. Mark 6:1-13. Reflection: How can community help you in how you go and live? What are the things in our lives that are distracting us from God and his mission?

Ordinary Weeks – Called Friends

Eric Vogt continues in the Ordinary Weeks. I Samuel 19, 20 & 23. Reflection: Who are the friends in your life that challenge the lie that life is about me? How can we commit to friends who have committed to God and His mission?

Ordinary Weeks – Picturing Yahweh

Jonathan Seefeldt continues in the Ordinary Weeks. I Samuel 17:32-49. Reflection: How do we rely too much on our own strength and abilities? In what ways can we embrace the fact that God uses and chooses the weak things of this world?