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Easter VII: Ascension

Gideon Tsang speaks about how Jesus advocates for the broken and oppressed as well as each of us. [John 17:6-19] Reflection: How do we distinguish God’s protection as conservationism instead of conservatism? How do we pursue a mind of joy? How can we live according to God’s original design and purpose? Resources: Video: Larry Wilmore Meets With Gangs Article:The Real […]

Spatial Values

Gideon Tsang speaks about our lived values. What did Jesus see in the temple that made him so demonstrably angry? How does that inform our season of Lent? [John 2:13-25] Reflection: Do our current sacrifices (for work?, family? pleasure?) align with our values? What areas of our lives tend toward contentment or greed? How does being God’s temple change the […]


Gideon Tsang speaks about how we should see change in our spiritual formation in light of Christ’s transfiguration. [Mark 9:2-9] Reflection: What is a new intention that we can try in this upcoming season of lent? What are the thin spaces in our lives where we can engage with God? How would it look different for us to live out […]

Conflict Well

Gideon Tsang speaks about how we engage conflict in our lives and reflects on Paul’s experiences and thoughts on conflict. [1 Cor 8:1-13] Reflection: Do you have a tendency to choose knowledge or love when it comes to conflict? How do we seek to be right instead of being kind? How can we serve others in our conflict? How do […]

Moved Mover

As we continue in the Lectionary calendar, Jason Minnix speaks about our how we relate with God and the distractions that make it challenging for us. [Exodus 32:1-14] Reflection: What are some of the distractions that we seem to engage with more than with God? How can we close a couple of exit points this week in our relationship with […]

Vision: Formation

As we continue our vision series, Weylin speaks about the tensions we encounter with our spiritual formation. [Genesis 3:1-10] Reflection: What do the choices that we make say about the leadership in our lives? Are we willing to be found by God in whatever condition we are in?