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As we approach the season of Lent, Gideon Tsang speaks about how we need to reconsider our energy and resources during this season of Lent [Luke 5:1-9]. Reflection: What are the things that keep you up at night? Does your spiritual energy go towards busyness, distraction, or restlessness? How might a spiritual pause help you properly redirect your energy and […]

Loving With Your Strength

Gena Minnix finishes a 3-part series on integrating the Enneagram as a tool to help us identify and discover how to live into our true selves. This third part focuses on “gut” people and we examine the life of Martha. [Luke 10:38-42] Reflection: How are we able to use anger in a positive way and expression? How do we discern […]

Spiritual Discernment—An Invitation

Gena Minnix talks about making decisions that flow from and nourish our true selves. [Romans 12:1-2] Reflection: Are we in a season of being inclined to lean toward or away from God? In what ways do we engage Scripture to renew our minds? Who are those in our lives that are trusted and are in tune with the source of […]

Favorites & Faith

Gideon Tsang examines favoritism in our lives and what hinders and facilitates our ability to love the other. [James 2:1-9] Reflection: How have we been bad judges in how we view and perceive others? Who is the other in our lives that represents the diversity that is required to live out the image of God? How do we need to […]

Hermeneutic of Love

John Chandler speaks about having a framework of love in how we read Scripture and live it out in the midst of different perspectives. [Matthew 5:38-48] Reflection: What does it mean for us to love those who oppose us? What does it mean for us to understand that we have a great deal to learn from others as well as […]


Matthew Worthington speaks about what it means to imitate Christ and how we live that out. [Ephesians 4:25-5:2] Reflection: How can we be someone who is kind and useful to the greater community? How do we hold space for other people’s experiences and pain and hear their story? What does it look like for us to forgive they way Christ […]

Good News of Generosity

Gideon Tsang speaks about the possibility that generosity is good news and how it can be a pathway to good news. [2 Corinthians 8:1-8] Reflection: Why are we generous? Is it out of love or is it to receive love? How is generosity a path to good news? How has our understanding of sacrifice impacted our practice of generosity? Resources: […]