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Embodying the Tension of Resurrection

As we consider the significance of an embodied resurrection, what tensions are we invited to carry and embody on our journey of faith? On the third Sunday of Easter, Weylin Lee looks at the challenge and richness of an embodied spirituality. [Luke 24:36-48] Reflection How are we invited to live from our vulnerabilities and scars? How might we embody peace […]

Liturgy, Reflection & Benediction 2024.04.07

Liturgy God of tender compassion, turn our faces to one another.Though we may not share the same blood,we are nonetheless woven together into one story,siblings in your cosmic family.May we be united in love,delighting and protecting one another,carving out spaces for mutual belonging.Dispel the forces of apathy, busyness, and numbing distractionwhich seek to drive a wedge between ourselves and genuine […]

Oil and Dew

What are barriers we perpetuate to keep ourselves and others from experiencing belonging? On the second Sunday of Easter, Christopher Mack delves into the very good experience of unity and the messiness that ensues as we work toward it. [Psalm 133:1-3] Reflection How might you feel delight in your body this week? Where is an oppositional identity persistent in how […]

iACT Spring Blitz House Painting [Apr 6]

We invite you to participate in supporting our local partner, Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT), at their Spring Blitz event on Saturday, April 6. We are seeking at least 10 volunteers to join the Vox team in painting the home of one of our East Austin neighbors, together with another volunteer team.  The event will run from 8am to 4pm that Saturday. […]

AAPI Connection Night [Apr 18]

We would like to invite our AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) community to gather and connect as we share stories and experiences of what it means to be Asian in this city and country.  Date: Apr 18 (Thursday) Time: 7-9pm Where: Melissa Lau’s Home address will be provided after registration [In order to facilitate a safe space, we respectful request that only […]

Liturgy, Reflection & Benediction 2024.03.31

Liturgy On this Easter Sunday, how are you showing up?Whether in grief or joy, recently betrayed or reconnected,we are invited to awaken to what is here and now.O, infinite One of radical acceptance,help us have the faith to welcome ourselvesand each other, as we are.Whether dimly seeing through layers of disillusionmentor with the clarity of glasses that are just right,we […]

Being at Home

What does it mean to be at home? On this Easter Sunday, Gena St. David centers our resurrection hope in our embodied experiences. Allowing the good news to be something that shows up in our bodies, emotions, and relationships. [Mark 16:1-6] Reflection What would be different if I felt “at home” in my body? How might I practice “name it […]