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Homily Series: A Posture of Non-hierarchy

In our recent homily series, our teaching team reflected on some of our painful and complicated experiences with hierarchical structures in churches.  Many of us grew up in systems and structures that fostered patriarchy and celebrity culture.  Even Vox has not been immune from the impact and weight of hierarchy.  For the last few years, our leadership has been considering other […]

Liturgy, Reflection, Benediction 2023.10.15

Liturgy God of Mystery,as the piano dances a melodyalongside a vocalist, so youaccompany us in our life song. The cello joins in, a welcome bass,a fluttering violin, at times, orchestral unity,in a moment, indignant cacophony,Through it all, you are with us. We come longing for harmonyunsure where the ballad will turn next.We practice, we perform,we feel the instability of nervous […]

What is Collective Discernment?

How do we create a community of equals that resists becoming a cult of personality… that resists celebrity culture? Gena St. David wraps up our fall series on non-hierarchy by inviting us to recall the wisdom we’ve gained from each of our teaching team’s perspectives and practicing collective discernment by listening deeply to the Spirit, our bodies, and to on […]