May 9, 2021

Abiding in Love

Weylin Lee reflects on our practice of love in light of what is happening around us and how we’re invited to reflect the love Christ modeled for us [John 15:9-17].


  • How do you imagine God’s loving gaze toward you?
  • What would it look like to lay down your ego and practice non-transactional love?
  • How are we creating a more loving community and becoming more loving people?


  • Image of the Towel and Water Basin. Reflect on the ways you’ve been loved. Meditate on the image of the towel and water basin and imagine Jesus washing your feet. Receive the loving gaze of God.
  • Non-transactional Love. Reflect on where our love and relationships are transactional. What would it look like to lay down our ego, our selfish motives, our narcissistic tendencies?


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