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Abiding in Love

Weylin Lee reflects on our practice of love in light of what is happening around us and how we’re invited to reflect the love Christ modeled for us [John 15:9-17]. Reflection How do you imagine God’s loving gaze toward you? What would it look like to lay down your ego and practice non-transactional love? How are we creating a more […]

Rootedness: Fruit

Gideon Tsang finishes our vision series on Rootedness by exploring what it looks like for us to consent to rootedness and the fruit that we’ll bear [John 15:15-17]. Reflection What kind of people do we want to be in 20 years? What kind of fruit do we hope to produce over time? Resources Video: Mindful Silence (Phileena Heuertz) MWG: Discussion […]

The Tree and the Branches

Tim Brosnan explores what it means to be and remain in connection with God and others [John 15:1-5]. Reflection What specific courage can we take today in this union of the vine and branches expressed as the blood and body of communion? What specific pruning in your life might bring about a healthier branch and tree? Resources Video: Vox Retreat […]