December 3, 2020

Vesper Courtyard

At Vox, two of our community values are participation and empathy. During this strenuous time of social distancing and isolation, these values can be challenging to practice. Accordingly, Vox leadership would like to provide safe ways for our community to gather in person at the Vesper Courtyard. In order to foster care and safety, we have created a booking process and an important set of health and safety guidelines for use.

We invite you to use this space and continue the Work of the People throughout the week! To begin, have one person fill out this form for your group. After we confirm your slot, we’ll reach out with private event details through Planning Center that each participant can use to register.

Note: Vox Veniae reserves the right to cancel bookings if the City of Austin mandates a shutdown or local COVID-19 case numbers rise to unsafe levels.

Vesper Courtyard Signup

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