May 20, 2020

Postcards From Home: Vox Edition

It’s been ten Sundays since we’ve gathered as a community due to the pandemic. We’ve hunkered down, we’ve pivoted and we’re marching on. It’s safe to say that our daily lives have changed and a new “normal” is something we’re all settling into.

While we can’t gather as a community, we still want to connect and find ways for our lives to intersect. In an effort to connect with each other and share stories, we’d love to see what your lives have looked like these past weeks. So, we’re curious…

What does life at home look like for you?

What has been meaningful for you during this time?  

What has been challenging? 

If you’re interested in participating, please send us a photo, along with a few words, to share with the community. Postcards can be sent to [email protected]. We’ll be posting them to the Vox website, newsletter and Facebook page over the next few weeks!

We’ve been having lots of game nights during quarantine. The teams are random, but a popular choice seems to be parents versus kids. This picture is an Escape Room board game that some friends shared with us! We also have warm homemade chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the table. We’ve also been baking a lot!
Our world-shattering 12-pound force of love and amazing sound-effect quality farts turned 8 weeks on Tues (6/9). There’s a song by the National with the lyrics, “What are we going through, you and me? / What is it you want me to be learning?” Nothing feels truer of these first weeks of parenthood, much less becoming parents during a pandemic. We’re learning more about ourselves and each other as we learn who this little baby is and what she needs. We’re so grateful for the support we’ve received from fellow Voxers as we make this transition. 

From home with love,
Sarah (and Tim and Freya)

“We decided that we would like a small bistro set for our back porch so that we can sit as we throw balls for the dogs to chase. The 1980 date on the table is our wedding year and we have been married for 40 years!” – Tony and Kate

“For us getting outside and enjoying the beautiful spring weather has been key. It brings us some peace in these anxious times. And, who ever invented the hammock is a genius.” – Claudia

[Photo by Maggie and Rick @ Flickr]

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