January 12, 2020

Close to Epiphany

Gideon Tsang reflects on the season of epiphany using the framework of order, disorder and reorder [Isaiah 42:5-9].


  • Who or what in life brings you alive?
  • How might loss and disappearance bring you into yourself

Spiritual Practice

  • Reflect on God’s Creation. Think of the tastiest food you’ve eaten. Think of something beautiful or breathtaking in creation. Look at yourself and think about your life. Say aloud “Mmmmm… so good”
  • Reflect on Disorder. What part of your life do you feel stuck, like a prison?  What if our blindness, our darkness, our stuckness, is an important part of epiphany? 
  • Reflect on Reorder.  Is your original beauty still blossoming? How might your original beauty continue to spring forth?


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