November 15, 2017

Fall Contemplative Weekend [Nov 17-19]

“Gregory the Great (sixth century), summarizing the Christian contemplative tradition, expressed it as “resting in God.” This was the classical meaning of Contemplative Prayer in the Christian tradition for the first sixteen centuries.” — Thomas Keating

For those of us who are tired and carrying heavy burdens, Jesus invites us into a lighter way of life. Unfortunately, the world we live in rewards carrying more and more weight. What are some practices that can lighten our burdens? How can we be still and enjoy God being God? How can we take a break from our clumsy (and exhausting) ways of trying to be the god of our lives? Join us for a weekend of enjoying God in nature, contemplative prayer and each other at HEB Foundation Camp in Leakey,TX. We will be offering an introduction to Centering Prayer as well as a few opportunities to practice this way of resting in God’s presence.

This weekend is less scheduled than our bi-yearly retreat. No guest speaker, less schedules, same beautiful river. Please read through all of the details for our weekend, as the format is significantly different from our bi-yearly retreats. Consider this weekend to be more like camping, with cabins provided.


November 17-19, 2017


H.E.Butt Foundation Camp, Leakey,TX


Individuals will be accommodated in large, shared cabins with bunk beds. We will not be providing cabin assignments, individuals will choose their cabin when they arrive. Private and small shared cabins are LIMITED.


THIS WEEKEND IS NOT CATERED. A large, professional kitchen is available, as well as microwaves, refrigerator, and prep space.There are also fire pits at our site. Everyone is responsible for bringing their own food for the weekend. A facebook group for meal and ride sharing and google doc are available for anyone who wants to coordinate meals together.

Childcare & Families

Priority for private cabins will be given to those families with small children who register first. Most families will be accommodated in shared family cabins. Couples attending without children will be accommodated in our large shared cabins.
We are hiring childcare workers to watch kids during our two official sessions.


Early registration will end on October 29 (there will be an additional $10/person after that).

Please follow the directions below:

1.) Fill our our registration form here:

Registration Form

2.) Send your total fee via paypal (as Friends & Family) or Venmo to: [email protected] with “Contemplative Weekend” in the memo. Electronic payments are preferable. Checks should be made out to “Vox Veniae” with “Contemplative Weekend” in the memo. Please bring checks on Sundays.

3.) Join our Vox Contemplative Weekend 2017 Facebook group. (If you don’t use Facebook, a Google Doc for ride and meal sharing will be emailed our after registration)

4.)Want to share meal duties? Fill out our Meal share Doc here: Meals

Details Instructions

For those registered for the weekend, here are the detailed instructions to print and bring on your drive since there is no cell service or wifi once you get near the campsite:

Detailed Instructions

[Photo by Josh Urich]

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