September 21, 2016

Covenant Member Orientation [Oct 29]

Join us for Covenant Member Orientation. It will take place on Saturday, October 29 from 9:45am-4pm. Coffee, lunch, and a snack are all provided for $10. Our location is the Austin Baptist Society Building (3811 Harmon Ave, Austin, TX 78751). Please arrive by 9:45am!

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We are excited to invite participants in the Vox community to covenant with us as members. We think it is important to distinguish a covenant from a contract. A contract is a consumer agreement for the sake of the self while a covenant is a relational agreement for the sake of the other. Vox, hopes to be a covenant community.

What does it mean then to be a Covenant Member? In 1 Corinthians 12; Paul describes beautifully, the church like a human body. This body has Christ as the head and we, with varying gifts entrusted to us, operate as specific members with specific functions. “There are many members, but one Body”, Paul says. We see this metaphor played out both in our specific community here in Austin and in a larger sense, how Vox fits in as a members of the global and historical Church.

With this in mind, we invite you to become members, not like, Costco, but as a part of a Body that needs your gifts, passions, and resources. At Vox, this invitation involves 4 sessions, explaining who and what you are covenanting to – God, Formation, Community and Mission, a covenant signed, a meetup with an existing Covenant Member, completing a full year of discernment with the Vox community, and a celebration during our Sunday liturgy so that the body can welcome you in as a new member. The Vox Pastoral team and Navigation team will in turn covenant with you to provide Shepherding, Teaching, Empowerment and Care.

In summary: WHAT? A relational agreement for the sake of committing to God, Formation, Community and Mission. To commit to participating as a member of a functioning Body with your gifts, passions and resources. WHY? We are not designed to be a member alone. We have been gifted and resourced in specific ways to participate with others. We can do more together than we can do alone. WHO?Anyone who wants to participate with what God is doing in the world. WHEN? Saturday October 29 9:45am-4pm

1. Email [email protected]
2. Attend and participate in the orientation sessions (God, Formation, Community, and Mission)
3. Sign a Covenant
4. Meet with an existing Covenant Member
5. Complete a full year of discernment with the Vox community
6. Celebrate with the community on a Sunday liturgy!

[Photo by Živa Drvarič @ Flickr]

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