March 19, 2015

Women’s Wednesday [Mar 25]

It’s Story Night- WW style!
The format: you’ve got 5 minutes to tell a story (real, imagined, in-between) in any way you want. If you’ve been to any of John & Meg’s backyard story nights, you’ll know what we’re doing. If the weather cooperates, we will be outside in the courtyard! Please RSVP on the facebook event page, and comment there if you’d like to tell a story.

RSVP on Facebook!

[Women’s Wednesdays are an opportunity each month for the ladies of Vox and our larger community to connect outside of Sunday and hopefully develop more meaningful relationships organically. If you have any questions or are interested in helping with future events, email Women’s Wednesday @ Vox.]

[Photo by Cool Hand Luke @ Flickr ]

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