February 19, 2013

Hope Springs Water

Karen Phillips is a Vox member and missions team member. She is looking for help to raise awareness for a water company that raises money to provide water for developing countries. Right now, she’s trying to get the water in Austin-area stores. Contact her for more information at 940-367-3935. 

H20 Flow is a tiny water advocacy group consisting of me and my four grand-daughters.  We are informing ourselves about the water problems in the developing world and are having meetings to discuss good practices about where to donate our meager funds.  We are also interested in actions we can take to promote awareness.

A few weeks ago we gave away 5 cases of water at Auditorium Shores.  The tags we attached to the water bottles state the following:


Many secular and religious organizations are helping
fight disease and ease the burden of hauling water.

Check out: water.org | worldvision.org | crs.org

You can designate funds for their water projects.
We thank you for thinking about this tragic problem.

We were excited to find Hope Springs Water to use for our little awareness effort.  My parents had bought a case of the water at Brookshire’s in East Texas.  We liked using this water for two reasons.  First, the profit is used for water projects in the developing world.  And second, the bottle was perfect because it contains water facts on the label that highlight the magnitude of the problem.

I contacted the Hope Springs Water founder who is a medical doctor in Athens, Texas.  They just organized in 2011. I was trying to find the water locally, but I had to buy it in Weatherford.  He explained their efforts in getting the water to Austin and asked for help.  I have been to HEB, Central Market, and Randall’s and I have asked some people to request the water be carried at their grocery store of choice.  It takes just a minute or two to explain to the manager why you would like the water to be stocked in the store.  I printed out the product page from the  website and gave it to them. Randall’s required a UPC label, so after I bought the water in Weatherford, I took Randall’s a bottle of water.  I have not done it, but emailing requests would be helpful also.

Hope Springs Water also takes donations for those that would like to be involved, but do not want to buy water.

[written by Karen Phillips]

[Photo by chooseanalog @ Flickr]

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