February 7, 2013

E’s Update: Khuda Hafez!

One of our own, E, serves in Central Asia. We support his work as a community developer, English teacher, cycling advocate, and Jesus follower as he lives and shares the gospel to his friends.

Here I am with just a few days to go in this town I’ve called home since late 2011. I’ve been making the rounds for the past two weeks, saying goodbyes and taking pictures of friends. Sold my bicycle (for a subsidized price) yesterday to my friend K, who I know will take good care of it.

Today is my last leadership course to teach, and last team meeting. When I get to the capital city I will tie up the very last loose ends of my participation with this literacy project, and then I’m headed back home.

Please pray that my goodbyes will continue to be good times of connection and conversation, and that I’ll be able to take care of all the details of closing down my time in such a community-focused place.

Thank you to all of you who have given money, time, things, prayer and encouragement to this endeavor. It was the hardest thing I’ve gone through, and not just because of the “dangerous” stuff. But it was worth it and I am looking forward to getting back and processing all of it. Thanks for making this possible.


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