January 24, 2013


This week I met Chloe from Tutapona. She lived in Central Africa and works for this organization that provides counseling to victims of trauma in South Sudan and Uganda. Specifically, they work in refugee camps with displaced people to provide Christ-centered healing and community. Their programs, based on a curriculum that has been tailored specifically for the local cultures, have become so successful that they have been able to move into discipleship and church planting. The people of Central Africa have dealt with decades of war, conflict and trauma. Some struggle with forgiveness, much like many of us here in the US. Others have post traumatic stress disorder. Since they work in refugee camps, they are dealing with a variety of political conflicts that cross borders and bleed together. Chloe reached out to Vox specifically for us to pray for her organization and the people they serve. Here is what she asked Vox to pray for:

  • Insurrection in the DRC and Sudan
  • Luke 6:27 (“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you”)
  • Omar Al-Bashir (President of Sudan), Joseph Kony (guerilla group leader) and Bosco Ntaganda (military chief in DRC)
  • For forgiveness to spread in Nakivak refugee camp

Chloe reminded me that none of these conflicts is too great, none of these people are too damaged to forgive and be healed by the love of Jesus. Please join me in praying for Chloe, the Tutapona staff and the people they serve in Central Africa.

[written by Constance Dykhuizen]

[Photo from tutapona.com]

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