November 19, 2012

Good Neighbor Fund

The Vox Good Neighbor Fund was established earlier in the year as a part of an intentional attempt to practice and teach generosityin Austin. The intention of the Good Neighbor Fund is to enable Vox members to develop relationships and meet the needs of the people who live next to them. The funds have been set aside for community members to use when needs arise among actual neighbors and local acquaintances.

The local missions team has been tasked with accepting Good Neighbor Fund applications, prayerfully discerning the needs of the applicants, and distributing the funds to the recipients. We have set up a process that allows Vox covenant members to act as sponsors for families and individuals in need. Any Vox member who becomes aware of a need in the community can fill out a Good Neighbor Fund application requesting assistance. It is a requirement that a covenant member serve as a sponsor, in order to vouch for the legitimacy of the need.

Application Forms

There are 2 application forms. One is for the family or individual receiving the funds and the other is for the Vox covenant member sponsoring the need. Simply download the forms, have them filled out, and email them to [email protected]. The local missions team will follow up with you in regards to the application.

Download GNF Application

Download GNF Sponsor Form

Please be mindful of this fund in the future as you hear of the needs of people in our community. We strive to be a church that cares for the widows and oppressed in our community, and this is another way that we can serve as the hands and feet of Christ by meeting our neighbor’s needs.

[written by Steven Cutbirth]

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[Photo by Owls & Bears @ Flickr]

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