September 13, 2012

Vox Missions: A History

 As we have been putting together our missions team at Vox, we’ve also put together a timeline of service in our local community and around the world. Most of what we have done is form partnerships with organizations to allow them to more effectively carry out their missions — several nonprofits share Space12 during the week. We also have several individuals we’ve supported personally and financially over the years, both in Austin and in Asia. As we move forward into new partnerships and continue to foster old ones, it’s cool to look back and see what God has done in and through our community.


· Vox starts on Guadalupe subleasing from UBC


· Vox’s first retreat to dream about the city
· Rebuilding team sent to New Orleans to build houses
· Pastor Vincent from India visits Vox
· Lease is signed and renovations begin on Space12
· Missions Pastor, Sam Lee is hired
· Evan and Gid take scouting trip to Central Asia
· Vox moves to share space with Mosaic in Hyde Park
· 12 families move to East Austin
· 297, Vox’s intentional community forms


· Vox’s second retreat to dream about the global parish
· Vox sends an IT computer engineer and an accountant to Central Asia for short term support of NGO
· Second rebuilding team sent to New Orleans to build houses
· Space12 opens to the public
· Public events to meet the neighborhood (BBQ garage sale/ health fair/ kids camp)
· Missions pastor leads a team to meet local churches and nonprofits in East Austin
· Vox partners with ARCH


· Vox moves liturgy to Space12
· Eckoffs come to visit from Central Asia
· Community garden is started
· Space12 hosts SXSW shows and EAST to engage neighborhood
· Space12 begins hosting Inside Books Project
· Vox partners with ARCH, Care Communities


· Gideon takes a medical team to aid with earthquake response
· Vox sends first missionary, E, to Central Asia
· Vox partners with MLF to get Becky from trailer to mobile home
· Vox partners with Care Communities and Foundation for the Homeless
· Space12 begins hosting The Cipher


· E’s team experiences kidnapping
· E returns to Austin for counseling and regrouping
· Missions pastor leads a coalition of 9 AISD schools to keep schools open
· Space12 hosts Save Austin Schools Coalition and begins hosting Barrio Writers


· 297, Vox’s intentional community ends
· Space12 welcomes Allies Against Slavery and Sending Solildarity
· E returns to Central Asia
· Vox partners with Posada Esperanza
· Vox sends team of 4 to encourage and serve alongside E in Central Asia

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