August 22, 2012

E’s Update: Eid, Vacation, Visitors

One of our own, E, serves in Central Asia. We support his work as a community developer, English teacher, cycling advocate, and Jesus follower as he lives and shares the gospel to his friends.

Hope you’re all doing well.

Here are some fragmented bits of news:

I’m taking my yearly vacation in the States for the entire month of October, then returning to finish out my contract with the NGO, which ends in March/April 2013. Please pray for a good time of connecting with family, friends and supporters and not being too reverse-culture-shocked.

My home community is sending four of my friends to come see this country, my work and what’s out there as far as increased future partnership. Please pray for their travel arrangements, safety and open eyes/ears.

I’m driving from my hometown to the capital this week for work. Please pray for safety.

Eid-e-Ramazan passed well with lots of visits. Yesterday was about 9 straight hours of visiting the houses of friends, coworkers and neighbors. Please pray for more opportunities to show love.

Feeling a bit thin on relational support. Basically all of the foreigners clear out of my town in the summer, and hanging out with Central Asians has been difficult for the past month because of a combination of extreme heat and their all-day fasting from food and water (that means that nobody wants to hang out and there’s really no place to go anyway, as all the shops and stuff are closed). So it’s been lonely, hot and kind of boring for quite a while. Please pray for increased relational support as people are again able to meet up for lunch, grab a cup of tea, etc. and the weather gets less oven-like.

Thanks and take care. Miss you all and see you soon.

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