July 20, 2012

Neighborhood Benefit

It was announced at our last Sunday service that a house burned down in the Vox
neighborhood. The family that lived there is the Rodriguez/Martinez Familia. They lost
a Grandmother and all their belongings. Four other family members were also badly
burned and are being treated at an area hospital. This family has been in the East Side for 
at least three generations.

There will be a benefit to raise money for these fire victims in order to cover funeral and
medical expenses on Saturday July 21st. Chicken and Sausage plates will be sold at Rack
Daddy’s on 4410 East Riverside Dr. from 11 a.m. until the food runs out. Plates come
with rice, beans, potato salad, and drink for seven dollars. But any other donations will
be accepted.

This is a great opportunity for Vox to support our neighbors in their time of need. In the
book of Mathew (25:40), Jesus says that whatever we do unto the least of these we do
unto Him. Let’s look out for the Rodriguez/Martinez Familia in their time of grief. Let’s
be good neighbors together.

[Photo by Seifenkönigin @ Flickr]

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