January 17, 2012

Gathering of Communities

If anyone is interested in or wanting to meet people already involved in intentional living communities, Space12 is hosting a gathering of communities this coming Friday, January 20th at 7:30pm.  Here is the vision for the meeting:

Gather all of the intentional Christian communities in Austin together for a night of sharing, connecting, eating and celebrating. Make friends, trade stories, enjoy home-cooked food, receive a bit of teaching, soak in some live music and poetry … and go home happy.

We’re doing it! On January 20th we’ll be gathering for dinner at Space12 on 3121 E 12th Street. Dinner will be a massive POTLUCK. Come ready to sit with some people you don’t know and learn about all the different communal shapes that God has created in the body of Christ in Austin! There will be a brief teaching, a bit of guided discussion, and lots of time to hang out and enjoy each other. The evening will conclude with an open mic session — we have a few musicians and poets lined up, and hopefully you all will fill in the rest 🙂

More detail on the location: Space12

– food or drink for the meal, a few bucks to donate to Space12 for the night, musicians or poets that you know, expectancy to learn and laugh

MUSICIANS, POETS, AND PERFORMERS:  If you’re interested in being part of the show at the end of the night, contact Amy Stabeno, Becca Pride, or Ian Schumann.

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!  We want to gather *everyone* together in Austin who either lives in an intentional community of believers, or has a heart/interest for communal life. The doors are open! Let’s pack it in.

[Photo by Kristina.T @ Flickr]

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