September 28, 2011

Posada Esperanza Donation Drive

Posada Esperanza is a full service transitional housing program for immigrant mothers and children escaping domestic or cultural violence that strives to create a nurturing environment for the children while their moms work to achieve self sufficiency. The shelter is located in east Austin and currently houses 10 families from Central America and Africa. The immigrant community is one whose suffering often goes unnoticed, especially in the midst of the country’s struggles in this economic climate. Posada Esperanza is a place of refuge and hope for these single mothers who are struggling with issues of homelessness, abuse, unemployment, and immigration.

As most other non-profits during this season, Posada is in need. Vox will be accepting donations on behalf of the families at Posada Esperanza of the following items:

  • sanitary napkins (pads)
  • books in Spanish
  • bath towels
  • plastic drinking cups

Donations can be brought to Space 12, or contact Catie Johnston at 936-615-3366 for more information.

[Photo by geneviève bjargardóttir @ Flickr]

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