November 17, 2011

Technology Drive for Kenya

Comfort the Children International (CTC International) is a 501(c)3 non-profit working alongside the community of Maai Mahiu, Kenya to provide resources that create sustainable change. CTC’s initiatives, focused on educational, environmental, economic, health and community development, directly impact the community as a whole.

Rafiki Link, one of the education initiatives, builds 21st century skills among students through global collaboration online. The program uses information technology in exciting ways to encourage meaningful, curriculum-based interaction. Our goal is to destroy stereotypes and build relationships.

In partnership with Gazelle for Good, we’re having a gadget drive to raise funds for the school fees for 8 of our Kenyan students and to equip a Knowledge and Resource Center for our youth.

What can you bring?
• Cell Phones • Digital Cameras • GPS Devices • Camcorders
• Laptops • Gaming Consoles • Video Games • Blu Ray Movies
• MP3 Players • External Hard Drives • Blu-Ray Players
• Graphing Calculators • PDAs • Satellite Radios

Donations can be brought to Space 12, or can be sent through this link online. You can also contact Teesa Bahana at 646-554-9053 for more information.

[Photo by Vintage Moonbeam @ Flickr]

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