November 20, 2010

E’s Update: Eid-e-Qorbaan

Hey guys,

So! Things are still crazy busy! But I did find time to make an Eid visit a few days ago. For those of you unfamiliar with the word, Eid-e-Qorbaan (Dari) or Eid-el-Adha (Arabic) is the holiday commemorating the time when Ibrahim’s imminent slaying of his son was substituted by the ram caught in the bush. So people slaughter a goat or sheep and feed their friends with it, which is where I come in. The visit was good, I had two likeminded brothers with me and we had a good time chatting about whatever. I got our host to tell the story of Eid in Dari and I actually understood a good chunk of what he was saying—enough to interject a few timely comments and show I knew what he was talking about.

In other news I’ve been getting to work with some local likeminded folks lately and it’s been good to see the future of what things may look like here. Young guys out there risking their lives to make a difference that matters. Very cool.

Anyway, please still be thinking about the team here—big decisions are having to be made and some serious situations have demanded, and will continue to demand, a whole lot of attention.

Till next time,

[Photo by evanistan @ Flickr]

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