July 27, 2010

E’s Update: 1st 24 Hours & Success Story

The following update captures E’s first 24 hours there.

Well I got into my new home city yesterday and have so far been here for about 24 hours. Since then I’ve …

  • bought a bicycle (Japanese step-through single-speed with a front basket, rear rack, bell, dynamo light and rear drum brake)
  • bought slip-on sandals
  • bought 8m of fabric, then brought it to the sewing shop to have them make it into 2 peran tambon outfits (shirt / pants)
  • had 2 lessons in Dari
  • took my new friend & language helper out for three cups of tea
  • raced a kid on my bike (he was pleased when I let him win, as I didn’t want my camera bag to bounce out of the basket)
  • accidentally interrupted a kids’ futbol match and …
  • opened up a hot piece of na’an to find … a wasp inside!

I’m enjoying Dari. Picking up conjugation, pronouns, prepositions, etc. pretty well.

Well, anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m safe and sound. Thank you so much for thinking about me as I travelled to just about the other side of the world with 85 lbs of stuff.


PS: If you have 3 minutes read up on this amazing success story about the Maternal Health Project! REALLY GREAT STUFF!!!

The picture up top is my home town as we flew in. It’s really green here. Like an oasis. Well, it’s actually super dusty. But there are trees and water. It’s all relative.

Some other photos for your viewing pleasure:

Bathroom in capital airport. Although my home bathroom is one of the squatting-over-septic-tank variety, do not do this in a Western-style WR!

Guy who trued my back wheel and got my brakes working a little better. That’s my bike he’s working on. Very cool guy. He thought my Dari was hilarious.

This cat is really awesome, and so were his four little pre-teen helper monkeys (probably his nephews or sons). Going tomorrow to pick up the finished products in white and gray.

[Photos by evanistan @ Flickr]

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