March 25, 2010

[Vox News] Adopt A Guinea Pig Month

When you see an elongated ball of fur scurry across the floor, do you find the nearest elevated surface and thrust your entire person upon it in fear and consternation? Perhaps your initial response is justified, but maybe that rodent looking piece of meat deserves a second glance as it may in fact be a guinea pig. Often confused as a behemoth field mouse or an miniature sewer rat, the guinea pig is like Sloth from the beloved 80’s cult classic ‘The Goonies’: its overall complexion is quite hideous and repulsive, but once the disgust-induced vomiting ceases and you get past its ghastly exterior, the guinea pig can be quite friendly and cuddly. In the off chance you’ve been struck with a case of spring time loneliness, one’s first inclination would be to adopt a dog. But during this ‘adopt a rescued guinea pig’ month, perhaps you should consider adopting a different furry, four-legged freak. An no, I’m not talking about getting a cat, although they are indeed freaks.

[Sunday Liturgy]
We live in a culture that prefers convenience over sacrifice. What does it mean to sacrifice? Over the 40 days of Lent the church historically set aside these days to remember the sacrifice of Christ through his death and resurrection on the cross. Join us these next few weeks for conversation, meditation and reflection on Christ, his sacrifice, and what sacrifice looks like in our lives. (Each of our Neighborhood groups will be giving a group sermon each Sunday during Lent.) Our Sunday Liturgy is at 11:00 AM at Space 12 (3121 East 12th Street).

[And The Slashies Goes To …]
You might be familiar with the recipient of the first ever Slashie Award as a deliciously chiseled man with pectorals shaped like sofa cushions and abs as rigid as your grandma’s dentures. Yes, I’m referring to that molten mass of muscle and ‘Mmm…Mmm…Tasty’ called Fabio who won the Slashie for the best Actor *slash* Model and not the other way around. Although his assets are firm and hair super silky, that’s not the only criteria one uses to judge whether or not you are deserving of this highly coveted Slashie Award. Rather, the main criteria for getting a Slashie is to have a random assortment of skills and traits, which when combined, form a thing of absolute beauty. So for your enjoyment, take your pick from one of these glorious Slashies like Gardens *Slash* Books *Slash* Eating *Slash* B.S. *Slash* Bikes. So if you’re interested in padding your resume, check out one of these Slashies we have in abundance, and get ready to be swarmed by screaming teeny boppers and people with smoother skin and soft hands.

Here is the list of current Slashies:
1. Vox Community Garden Initiative – contact Jessica
2. Vox Book Club – contact John Bagwell or Nick Deere
3. Anti-Zombie Initiative – contact Anslee
4. Sunday Morning Bible Study – contact Libby
5. Cycling Crew – email us or join the facebook group
6. Sewing Class – contact Delores
7. Basketball – contact Yeeland

For more details on these slashies, you can find them here.

[Vox Baptism]
As part of our journey with Christ, Baptism plays a beautiful part of the growth and maturity process of faith. On May 16th, we plan on having a Baptism celebration for all who are interested an are in the process of preparing Baptism classes which will begin in the very near future. If you have any questions (theologically or otherwise) or are interested in getting baptized, please contact Gideon.

[Our Trash Is Your Treasure]
Have you ever gone to a yard sale and picked up a seemingly useless piece of junk, but upon arriving home you discover that it is in fact a priceless artifact? Well, this is your lucky day, because Space 12 has a few items for sale at a mind blowingly affordable price!! As an added incentive, if you purchase any one of these items, you will receive a free ping-pong tutorial from one of our resident sensei’s.

Desk (4 Available): $70.00 each
Rolling Office Chairs (2 Available): $60.00 each

If you have any questions regarding these items or would like to come check out the good, you can contact Paul and set up an appointment.

[Nav Team Recommendations]
Without direction and wisdom, the Vox community would be running in circles through a vortex leading to nowhere. Fortunately, through the wisdom and overall guidance provided by the Nav team, we find ourselves being able to journey together in a direction that helps draw us closer to God’s heart and in a direction that helps usher the Kingdom of God one step closer. We’ve entered the season of our community where we’re looking for recommendations to fill spots on the Vox Nav team, so if you have any suggestions, please send them to Gideon or anybody else on the Nav team. For a list of current Nav team members, see the full roster here.

[Global Updates]
With the global landscape ever changing, it would be foolish to think that our little pocket of life in Central Texas is all that matters. As a small molecule in the global Church, we desire to continue our global partnerships as well as highlight different things people from the Vox community are involved with around the globe. For more details on our different partnerships, check out these following links to catch a glimpse on what Vox is doing around the globe. Click here for more details on other global partnerships as well as finding out how you can be involved. You can also check out the latest updates from Haiti, India, and Ethiopia.

[Generosity Report – February]
We’re grateful for the generous community that we have. Your generosity allows us to be generous to the city of Austin and the world around us. For the details of February’s giving, you can download the report here. If you have any questions please email Michelle.

[Online Giving]
We’ve always wanted to exercise generosity by giving out as much as we can to those around us who are in need. If you would like to partner financially with Vox in this mission, we have several options for you.

1. Bill Pay through own bank.
2. EFT signup is available online.
3. credit card through google checkout.
4. snail mail

For more information, please click here.

[Rides to Vox]
If you live on campus and are in need of a ride on Sunday morning to join us for Liturgy, please email us and we’ll hook you up. If you could send an email by 11pm on Friday, that would be greatly appreciated.

[Spring Neighborhoods]
Spring Neighborhoods is in full swing, friends!! We would love to invite everyone to plug into a neighborhood this year and live the church with those around you. Our neighborhoods will be organized by geography, so whatever part of town you live, we have a group for you!! Check out the map to see when and where each neighborhood group meets.

MidTown – Wednesdays, 7pm
Central – Sundays, 1pm
South – Tuesdays, 7pm
East (Wed) – Wednesdays, 7pm
East (Sat) – Saturdays, 10:00am

Any question? Check out the website, map or email us.

[Lost and Found]
No, we’re not referring to the band whose song ‘Lions’ features the slinky as a percussion instrument. We’re referring to the bin of unclaimed goodies and homeless artifacts located next to the water cooler by the bar at Space12. If you think you may have left something at Space12, chances are it’s been put into the lost and found bin. At the end of each month, we plan on donating the contents of the lost and found bin, so please check to make sure you haven’t misplaced anything you don’t mind passing along to those who can use it.

[Getting Involved with Vox]
Have you always wanted to get more involved with Vox but haven’t known how? Do you have a passion or vision for something that Vox isn’t currently involved in? If you answered YES to either of these questions, then this is for you!! We would love to help you get more involved with what’s happening in the Vox community, as well as come along side your passion and vision to help it leave the dream realm and give it life. If this at all interests you, please let us know by sending us an email.

[Reading Recommendations]
Recently, we finished our conversation through Paul’s letter to the Romans and discussed Paul’s reference to the Roman community as, “complete in knowledge and competent to instruct one another” (15:14). The word ‘complete‘ was often used in the ancient world as a sailing term, whenever the wind would fill (complete) the sail and propel the boat towards the open seas. In the same way, our hope is to become a community where our knowledge propels us to where God is moving in the world. As a tool to help us move in this direction, we compiled a list of suggested readings which can be found here.

[Greenhouse Needs You]
We’re looking for people to help teach the next generation at Vox. So if you love hanging out kids, reading stories, doing crafts, or love hearing the funniest things come out of kids’ mouths, then Greenhouse is the place for you.

Nursery: 0-3 years
Seedlings: Pre-K to 2nd Grade
Roots: 3rd Grade and up

There’s a wide range of commitment levels so contact Rachel for more info and to get involved. And be sure to check out the video promo.

[Won’t You Be My Friend?]
Hi, my name is Vox Veniae, and this is my cousin Space 12. I’m 4 years old, and Space just turned one a little while ago. We’re very friendly, housebroken and love our bellies rubbed. We would like to be friends with you!! We promise to not Zombie bite you, nor will we ask you to join our kingdom. We just want to be your friend because that will make us happy. Click here to add Vox as a friend and here to add Space12 as a friend.

You might be wondering what this acronym stands for. Well, allow me to spill the beans!! WYOMP stands for ‘Wash Your Own Mugs, Please ‘. One of the new perks of having our liturgy at Space12 is the plethora of mugs and drinking utensils at our disposal. Unfortunately, when the liturgy is over and the snacks are all consumed, the once clean cups are left dirty and all alone in the sink. If you could, after you have finished enjoying the delightful snacks and beverages, please lend a hand with washing the mugs and drinkware. That would be greatly appreciated.

[Photo by sunniest @ Flickr]

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