April 2, 2009

[Vox News] April Fools Hangover Edition

[Sunday Liturgy]
Our Sunday Liturgy is at 11:00 AM at Mosaic (5619 Airport Blvd). Join us as we continue our series on Lent entitled Sacrifice and spend some time learning from an ancient Jewish celebration called the Passover. Join us as we explore the significance of a seemingly simple meal and what it means to Christ followers all around the world.

[Second Saturdays]
Second Saturdays will be happening next Saturday, April 11th at 7pm. Space12 will be opening its doors every second Saturday for crafts, board games and general social excitement.

Although fun is a high priority, we also want to encourage everyone to invite their friends and neighbors to join us, so in addition to bringing your board games and crochet needles, please invite your neighbors as well.

For more information, please see the Second Saturday facebook group.

Our Neighborhood groups will be happening next week (the week of April 6). If you have any questions, email us. For details of when and where we meet, check out the map.

[Vox Baptism]
Baptism is the public celebration of participating in Christ’s death and resurrection. It connects us both to what God is doing in this world and with the global/historical community of friends following Christ. At the moment, the baptism is scheduled for Sunday, May 3rd, so if you are interested in getting baptized or finding out more information, please contact Weylin.

[Recession Intercession]
It’s no secret that the current economic situation has been making its way around the country. Certain areas have been hit harder than others, but we are not immune to the forces of layoffs, downsizing and greedy executives. As a community, we want to be available to help those who have become a casualty of the system to give encouragement, prayer and any possible leads for potential employment opportunities. If you are unemployed or know of job openings, please join us Sunday, April 19th at 10am at Mosaic (5619 Airport Blvd) to give and receive support during this tumultuous economic climate.

[BYOM – Bring Your Own Mug]
Because food is such a great catalyst for community, we plan to have delectable edibles and drinkables available every Sunday morning during our liturgies. Although it would be easy to buy disposable cups for the drinks, we want to be an environmentally conscious community and ask that everyone bring their own mug. This way, you’ll not only feel more at home, but we can all do our part in reducing unnecessary waste.

[Rides to Vox]
If you live on campus and are in need of a ride on Sunday morning to join us for Liturgy, please email us and we’ll hook you up. If you could send an email by 11pm on Friday, that would be greatly appreciated.

[Photo by MarySesami @ Flickr]

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