February 12, 2009

[Vox News] Do It For Love, Not Consumerism

[Vox Liturgy]
Our Sunday Liturgy is at 11:00 AM at Mosaic (5619 Airport Blvd). Join us as we continue our series entitled Reconnection.

[BYOM – Bring Your Own Mug]
Because food is such a great catalyst for community, we plan to have delectable edibles and drinkables available every Sunday morning during our liturgies. Although it would be easy to buy disposable cups for the drinks, we want to be an environmentally conscious community and ask that everyone bring their own mug. This way, you’ll not only feel more at home, but we can all do our part in reducing unnecessary waste.

[Rides to Vox]
If you live on campus and are in need of a ride on Sunday morning to join us for Liturgy, please email us and we’ll hook you up.

[Second Saturday]
Second Saturday will be happening next Saturday, February 14th at 7pm. Space12 will be opening its doors every second Saturday for crafts, board games and general social excitement. Although fun is a high priority, we also want to encourage everyone to invite their friends and neighbors to join us, so in addition to bringing your board games and crochet needles, please invite your neighbors as well.

We will be taking a break from our journey through the television series Arrested Development and showing the festivities of the NBA All Star Weekend. Slam dunk and 3 point shooting contest, anyone???

For more information, please see the Second Saturday facebook group.

[Crochet Art]
We want to bridge a relationship between Vox and Mosaic by displaying our talents together. Since both communities have a large crochet interest, we are putting together the Vox/Mosaic Crochet, Embroidery, Weavery, Etc. Art Show for Feb. 27th from 7pm – 9pm. All crochet/embroidery/weavery masters and beginners alike are invited to participate in this collaborative event, so please let Anslee know that you will be participating as soon as possible by sending an email to Anslee. We need more people involved, so come get in on this awesomeness!

[Clothing Remix]
On Saturday, Feb. 21, Space12 will be hosting a clothing swap/redo from 12 pm – 4 pm. We invite everyone to bring any clothing by Space12 that you would like to donate to the swap. If you are attending the clothing remix, please bring any fabric/notions/embellishments you would like to use and/or share. There will be sewing tables, fitting areas, cutting areas, and possibly some screen printing action, so come prepared to turn that ugly shirt into a wicked masterpiece! Oh yeah, and for those of you who like to cook, we’re turning it into a potluck, too. We’re looking to borrow sewing machines, full-length mirrors, and ironing boards with irons, so please send an email to Anslee to participate.

Feel free to add the event on facebook.

[Hurricane Ike Relief]
Vox is in the process of organizing a relief trip to Galveston to lend a hand with some Hurricane Ike relief work. If you’re interested, please email Sam.

[Photo by lainers @ Flickr]

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