February 26, 2009

Prayers for Washing Dishes

The following Celtic Prayer was written by the SouthEast neighborhood group. Click here to see the other prayers.

— I —
Washing the dishes
Fresh water trickling down hands
Peace enters my soul

— II —
Holy Father,
When I approach the sink and focus my thoughts,
     reveal your character to me.
Quiet my mind and bring your perfect peace.
Dear Jesus, dear friend,
As the water runs and I scrub,
the suds and scraps of food wash away,
     along with my resentments.
Teach me to forgive and serve my roommates.
Let this act of cleaning be one of love,
     just as you serve and love us.
Holy Spirit,
As I finish, drying and putting away,
I ask that I take your peace and grace
     into the rest of my day.

[Photo by Keep Clicking @ Flickr]

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