February 27, 2009

Prayer of Cleaning

The following Celtic Prayer was written by the NorthEast neighborhood group. Click here to see the other prayers.

As I stand before you today
I ask that you help me to
Clear my mind of my earthly bonds,
Help me to not just cleanse the surface
But to cleanse my soul.
Guide me today to walk in the way of your word.

As I go through the motion of cleanliness
I thank you for the simplest tasks in life
That I get to take part in.
The time where it’s just you & I to reflect on my day.
The time where I feel utter peace.

I will cleanse my body this evening
In the presence of all that is pure
Casting aside evil thoughts of the day
Washing down the drain my worldly perils
Refreshing my skin with all that is beautiful
Without worry or fear, without conceit or envy
Without terror of tomorrow
With trust only for the moisturizing property of this soap,
     the de-dandruffing of this shampoo
With trust that all which touches me has come through you
With trust that all which falls from me
     makes easier my sleep and stronger my ‘morrow.

Oh God the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit
All of this I commend through you. Amen.

[Photo by Seth R @ Flickr]

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